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Here is my new blog. I converted all of my old tumblr AND wordpress entries so it’s a little messy right now, keep checking back for updates/amplified prettiness 

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Tumbler, it’s been fun. You’re really pretty and it’s flattering when people I don’t know follow me, thus increasing my “tumblarity.” But I’m not interested in re-blogging or only posting one picture at a time or solely posting internet memes SO we’re done.

Now that I have graduated I have nothing to do until I go to Europe, except make a new blog (and find my passport…). SO I shall do that tomorrow. I’m thinking wordpress. I will link to it here, obviously.

p.s. Connie make me a header?

p.p.s I will really miss the “chat” format, though

p.p.p.s I’M GOING TO FINISH MY BERKELEY LIST NOW before I leave i sweaar (not that anyone cares, but me. and maybe laura because she likes to nostalgically cry)

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Funny things that have happened on mine and Katie’s wall-to-wall on the night/morning of May 18/19, 2009.







v. funny

rather, v. concerning



Katie: baroque my world

Katie: somehow this is the shortest and longest night of my life


God these aren’t even funny

this should be indicative of why i haven’t been updating. i return to sanity tomorrow and will finish my berkeley list i SWEAR

herestous Via HERESTOUS
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Conversation with my mother, via BBM, regarding dinner plans with my father (who does not eat meat or nightshade vegetables), my mother (who does not eat anything with too much fat or garlic or, well, flavor), my brother (who inexplicably will only eat shrimp), and my grandfather (who is 85 years old) ... oh, Jews.

  • Katie: Okay, dinner's at seven.
  • Barbara: Daddy wants to go a bit later. does that work for you? We just got in and he's tired from driving.
  • Katie: Well the reservation's at seven... I don't know if I'll be able to change it.
  • Barbara: Well can you make it at eight?
  • Katie: Okay did it
  • Katie: Eight on the patio
  • Barbara: Does the patio have heat lamps?
  • Katie: Umm I don't know you can call them and ask 5106524888
  • Barbara: I couldn't get thru to a live person. I think it'll be too cold for an 85 year old man.
  • Katie: It's up to you I don't care I live here, just tell me what to do
  • Barbara: We can leave here in ten minutes. Italian?
  • Katie: Wait I thought you were coming at eight, hence why I changed the reservation
  • Barbara: No- now they want to leave in 5 minutes!!! H-E-L-P!!!
  • Katie: OMG just comeee
  • Barbara: Calm down. I am relying on you to be sane with me.
  • Katie: Haha
  • Katie: Heads up I look tired/homeless. It's been a long week.
  • Barbara: P
  • Katie: ? Was that supposed to be an emoticon?
  • Barbara: We are on our way.
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oh someone left their baby on level B of the main stacks by the spiral staircase! wait NOPE. it’s a berkeley student. WTF
sorry for the bad quality, I had to turn my flash off as so not to wake her.

oh someone left their baby on level B of the main stacks by the spiral staircase! wait NOPE. it’s a berkeley student. WTF

sorry for the bad quality, I had to turn my flash off as so not to wake her.

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You can be only so ironic about food, though. Ideally, it should taste good. And you can be only so ironic about competing. Winning is important.
- NYT article on twitter-friendly cookoffs 
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Too stressed to post anything substantial. But this made me feel better. 

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We count on you [journalists] to help us make sense of a complex world and tell the stories of our lives the way they happen, and we look for you for truth, even if it’s always an approximation. […] This is a season of renewal and reinvention. […] And I know that for all the challenges this industry faces, it’s not short on talent or creativity or passion or commitment. It’s not short of young people who are eager to break news or the not-so-young who still manage to ask the tough ones time and time again. These qualities alone will not solve all your problems, but they certainly prove that the problems are worth solving. And that is a good place as any to begin.

Obama at the White House Correspondent’s Association Dinner.

Nothing snarky to add (for once). Full transcript here.

(via prettylegit)

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My seventeen year old brother is in a film/video class and made this movie, “Mom Police” with his friends. My mom plays the head chief and (spoiler!) the secret villain that gets shot at the end. wowowowowoow.

Happy Mother’s Dayy

p.s. If you don’t want to watch the entire thing I suggest starting at 6:41 when she starts confessing all

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